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  • Gareth Crook

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

So I’d promised myself the next film would be some silly dumb fun, enter Zombieland: Double Tap. Did we need another zombie film? No. Did Zombieland need a sequel? No. Is this any good? Well no, not really but it’s certainly dumb. Laden with exposition heavy narrative and cheap looking blood effects, I don’t think it’s looking to be especially innovative. Within 10 minutes I’ve already had enough of Jesse Eisenberg. He’s the most annoying of these characters, but the rest aren’t far behind. In fact the stereotyped airhead dressed head to toe in pink is the most entertaining out of the lot of them, what does that tell you. There’s half an hour of dull set-up, followed by, well another 20 minutes of boring road trip, a quick introduction of some new characters that mirror Harrelson and Eisenberg (seriously as if the originals weren’t one dimensionally irritating enough) before eventually culminating in discovering a hippy haven fortified utopia that looks like a cross between a school kids attempt at designing the BBC Glastonbury TV Set and Teletubbieland on acid (more acid). Having said all that I am a sucker for a spot of post apocalyptic landscape and this has its fair share of abandoned highways, nature reclaimed buildings and burnt out cars. That’s probably about the only thing I enjoyed. After enduring over an hour of tedium, we get the inevitable zombie attack on said utopia, complete with ‘lets get ready for the battle’ A-Team style sequence and as they tackle the hoard for 3 or 4 minutes it’s mildly entertaining, before it mercifully ends. Watching silly dumb fun films is a stupid idea.


All three of those points are for the Bill Murray post script alone. Do yourself a favour a skip straight to the credits.


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