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  • Gareth Crook

Without Name (2016)

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I fancied some escapism and had wanted to see this for a while. It looked dark, brooding and potentially a little off the wall. There’s a lot of space here, in the frame, in the dialogue, it invites you in. Shot mostly in rural Ireland, Alan McKenna plays the central role, isolated in a simple existence. One of surveying said rural areas. Think forests, old country houses, with creepy books on the shelves, old framed cross-stitch on the walls and a sense of foreboding in the stillness. There’s some good thriller tropes and it’s a bit Blair Witch without the whining. There’s enough bumps, creaks, menacingly eerie gusts of wind to keep you on your toes and more than one occasion that frightened the life out of me. If McKenna does a good job as he slips into his own paranoia and possible fictional confusion, the real stars are Gavin O’Brien and Neil O’Connor in the sound department, single handedly driving the tension in almost every scene. It’s not brilliant and far from perfect, but it sweeps along building nicely and comes to an oddly satisfying end.



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