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  • Gareth Crook

Titane (2021) - 6/10

Strap in, this gets a bit gnarly. Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) is in a car crash as a child. She survives, but only after a lot of metal is put in her head. Titane (or Titanium). You’d think an experience like that would put you off cars, but not Alexia. She’s not scared of much at all. Using hair accessories as deadly weapons and cavorting with machinery, there’s an erotic charge… it’s very, French. Alexia is a killer, her world like a Cronenberg nightmare. She’s no filter. Angry and dangerous. An empty vessel, devoid of love for anything human. It’s graphic and very intense. Not one for the faint hearted. There are scenes that will seriously make your toes curl. It’s not exactly conventional either. There are some very odd plot twists, but just go with it. Adopted by steroid injecting fire chief Vincent (Vincent Lindon), the pair set to face their demons. Vincent, a hero type who can’t except his weaknesses has some issues for sure, but Alexia, well hers are something else altogether. On the negative side, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Beyond the dysfunctional characters, a sci-fi-esque nightmare pregnancy it’s hard to get to grips with. Neither Alexia or Vincent seem to understand quite what’s happening, or why they’re making the choices they do, but it no doubt makes for compelling viewing and the way it’s made is very cinematic. More brutal than beautiful, but even with the gore it looks stunning. This is Rousselle’s debut feature role, but she really is amazing. I’m certainly intrigued to see what she tackles next. It’s very weird and I suspect this is why it’s gathering so much critical acclaim. It’s good to be a little confused every now and again. Even with its challenging plot, it’s clearly a great piece of art. Is it a great film though? You’ll have to watch yourself to decide, but I liked it.



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