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  • Gareth Crook

The Twilight Zone (2020)

I’m a big fan of The Twilight Zone, the original Rod Serling show that is, but I’m surprised how good this Jordan Peele starring reboot is. There’s some really good episodes covering the dangers of fame, inherent racism, male violence inducing meteors and one that’s a bit on the nose regarding US politics. Even the adaptation of classic ‘Nightmare at 30,000ft’ is an interesting update. Yes there’s some slightly duff moments, a well produced but unsatisfying Greg Kinnear playing a bent cop fooled by aliens and a misguided trip to Mars. There’s a real undercurrent of American social issues too which makes it feel pretty modern, not least in one episodes depiction of white privilege, clueless about its damaging effect and ignorance toward immigration, only to find itself is not what it thought it was. Peele takes Serlings introduction role and does it rather well with a sharp suit and a knowing smile and Chris O’Dowd being plagued by a cursed gun with a mind of its own is a particular highlight, but it’s probably the season finale when things get proper weird. Peele steps out of his narration and everything gets blurry. It’s awesome, genuinely creepy, inventive and fun. Are they as good as the originals? No, but it’s all very enjoyable.


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