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  • Gareth Crook

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Tonight I introduced Ella to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As soon as those lips hit the screen I’m getting sideways glances. She’s soon laughing at Dammit Janet though and wondering what the hell is going on. This is what it’s all about though isn’t it. A bonkers story, with great characters and killer songs. As The Timewarp kicks in Ella declares “If I ever get a mansion, I’m doing this!” She’s onboard. Tim Curry’s not even appeared yet. Frank-N-Furter’s entrance has to be one of the greatest in cinematic history and as he belts out ‘Sweet Transvestite’ I’m singing along too. The singing of course is marvellous, but I always forget how magnificent Curry’s voice is. Sarandon too. Even Meatloaf is great! Is there any point trying to explain the plot? Two all American innocent kids break down in a storm, stumble on a castle filled with sex crazed deviants, aliens and a mad scientist, who’s created his own fantasy companion. Cue a ton of singing and dancing in what has to be the greatest musicals of all time. I think it’s amazing. Ella thinks it’s amazing. It IS amazing. Rose tints my world keeps me safe from my trouble and pain.



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