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  • Gareth Crook

The Rapture (1991) - 7/10

I’m here because Mark Kermode told me to watch this. I hope he’s right, the poster looks a bit racy. There’s an instant dark tone. Okay it’s called The Rapture, but we open on an oppressive call centre scene, like something from a Cronenberg nightmare. People trapped in cubicles, muttering to themselves. One such mutterer is Sharon (Mimi Rogers) who along with Vic (Patrick Bauchau), likes to cruise the local LA bars and pick up people like Randy (David Duchovny). It’s fair to say Sharon, is bored, unfulfilled. Despite jumping into bed with Randy, who’s, well, randy. “Everything just seems so empty”. Until she comes across some Jesus types, who talk about a coming prophet and she starts hearing about the dream. A collective vision that some more Jesus type coworkers whisper about around the water cooler. It’s got that weird almost Lynchian 90s vibe. Everything a little soulless. Sparse. Bathed in an orange hue. Sharon decides she’s had enough trying to find meaning in meaningless sex. She wants to find God and be saved. Randy is not convinced and Sharon finds the readjustment something of a challenge, but she does have an experience and becomes something of an evangelist. Telling people calling directory enquires that they need to be ready for God returning. It’s very mysterious, especially as things get a little culty in Sharon’s new circles. Soon those new circles are older as we’re told it’s 6 years later and Sharon together with Randy have a child, named Mary of course. They all believe the rapture is imminent. That there’s a purpose, a meaning, but things get confusing for Sharon when a disgruntled working goes nuts with a shotgun in Randy’s office. “Life is some kind of punishment isn’t it”. Rogers plays this well. She’s creepy and convincing. Mary (Kimberly Cullum) too as, left alone, they camp out in the desert… waiting. It takes a little time to really dig in and you need an open mind, but this is really good. Kermode. Not wrong.



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