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  • Gareth Crook

The Descent (2005)

I was expecting to be scared by this. I’m bad with horrors, not a fan of jump scares or gore… what am I doing? I’m also a bit fascinated by tight spaces though and who doesn’t love monsters. We’re a year on with a group of thrill seeking friends after one’s suffered the loss of her partner and daughter in the kind of freak accident that sets the tone… predicable and not very original. It takes a while to get to the action, which is a shame as the acting is horrendous and I’m quite looking forward to them all getting killed. The group are off for a weekend of caving in the Appalachian mountains. They all know what they’re doing, but there are some more cautious than others and signs right away that they’re not alone in the rather cool looking caves. It’s probably not one to watch if you’re claustrophobic, but the fear of being trapped in a tight uncharted cave where no one knows you’re there is about as scary as this gets. Cue an hour of creepy once human creatures stalking the cavers in the dark. Picking them off as they attempt to fight back and find a way out. That’s about the size of it. The monsters look okay, the gore is a bit naff and the characters all intensely dislikable. The Appalachian mountains look nice though.



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