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  • Gareth Crook

The Blob (1988) - 8/10

I remember watching this on late night TV sometime in the early 90s and loved it, but does it still stand up? Sleepy small town America, it’s always America isn’t it, is the site of an alien crash landing. A cast of colourful characters have to put aside their differences to survive. You’ve got Flagg (Kevin Dillion), the leather jacket sporting long haired dropout and Meg (Shawnee Smith), the popular cheerleader. Along with a few classic jocks, a very young Erika Eleniak and Jeffrey DeMunn as Herb the Cop. They’re all in danger, not from little green men, but from… The Blob! This is the genius of this film, both from the writers and the FX department too. Although B-Movie in tone, the premise is really effective and it looks great, still! The gore is gnarly. Severed limbs and bodies digested as The Blob works its way through town, growing with each conquest. They don’t know what’s going on, but as the night draws in, everyone is drawn together as a big pink gelatinous blob slowly takes over the screen. Thats it. Simple. The FX are cheesy in places, but still really cool. The cast although cliched are great. The whole thing while fantastic, is oddly realistic. There’s some classic scenes, like Fran (Candy Clark) getting frantic in a phone box and the panic at the cinema as the scientists roll into town like an ET homage to save the day… and fix their mess. Is it perfect? No, but that doesn’t stop it being brilliant and it easily lives up to my memory.



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