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  • Gareth Crook

Tenebrae (1982)

I’m back on the Argento back catalogue. Within the first minute I’m sold, simply because the opening music is fantastic! Now okay, it feels a touch dated, the dialogue is a bit stunted and the delivery wooden, but it’s mostly from the Italian cast speaking in English so fair enough. I’m pretty sure the version I’ve watched has some dubbing going on too. Once you’re past that there’s a lot to enjoy in what’s essentially a slasher flick with a decent plot. There’s some brilliantly bonkers camerawork which essentially plays the part of the unseen killer, seemingly paying homage to the lead, a best selling American author in Rome doing publicity on his latest book ‘Tenebrae’ about an insane killer. I’m not sure you could make something like this now, it would seem too hammy, the fake blood and overplayed scenes as the body count rises and the authors inner circle is bumped off. It’d be more serious, graphic, less fun. That’s what this is, slightly overplayed, blood splattered fun. Although the plot seems quite simple, it’s not predictable and this is probably what makes this work so well, it’s engaging and my new favourite Argento film... not just because of the score.



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