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  • Gareth Crook

Studio 666 (2022) - 6/10

I really wish I’d watched this before we lost Taylor Hawkins. Sitting down with Studio 666 now, it’s impossible not to feel a little bit empty about the loss this cast has suffered. That’s because this stars the Foo Fighters, in a horror movie. About being the Foo Fighters, in a haunted mansion. They essentially play themselves. It’s really not complicated. It’s also a lot better than it sounds. The production looks great, the gore is full on, the FXs pure 80s video nasty, John Carpenter helps out with the title music (and makes a cameo). The acting is… well alright it’s not great, but the whole premise is a bit cheesy and schlocky… so it works. The Foo’s are looking for a place to record their 10th album. They need to mix it up, do something different, so head to a rundown mansion in the LA hills, to capture that “creepy death vibe”. Why was this film made? Well I think it just sits firmly in that Dave Grohl file of ‘why not, it’ll be fun!’ and it is! It’s two parts comedy, one part horror. Maybe three parts comedy. It turns out that Dave Grohl is pretty good at comedy. As with the day job, he’s the focus. The rest of the band are great musicians, but they’re mostly fodder here. Well aside Rami Jaffee, he’s genuinely funny, “watch the labels, groupies are people too” and Pat Smear who’d make a pretty good scream queen. It’s a good job it’s funny, because it’s not really scary. Struggling to find inspiration for new songs, Dave finally cracks the code when he finds some old tape reels in the basement and gets himself possessed by evil spirits. Turning him into demonic tyrannical prima-donna, who doesn’t take well to creative differences. It’s too long. Takes too long to get to the obvious point and purpose, but it’s a laugh to see a band that have always had fun with their videos, have a pop at something on a grander scale. It’s shit, but funny shit. You don’t have to be a Foo’s fan, but it probably helps. The real reason to watch is not for the occult tinged story or the blood splatter, but to see Grohl and Co. indulge a little. The poster is pretty sweet too.



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