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  • Gareth Crook

SLC Punk! (1998) - 7/10

Is there a more 90s actor than Matthew Lillard? Here he’s Stevo. Out of step with 80s Salt Lake City. He’s an SLC Punk! Together with his mate Bob (Michael A. Goorjian) he’s flying the flag for an alternative lifestyle in a conservative town. Stevo spends as much time taking to the camera than he does to the rest of the cast and when he’s not on screen he’s narrating. You’re gonna know within 30 seconds whether you’re gonna enjoy this film. If Stevo grates, you’re fucked. Stick with it though and it’s quite funny. Not quite Wayne’s World with punks, but it sails close. It’s certainly not taking itself seriously, it’s pure comic book, from the script to the wardrobe, but they’re not painted as idiots, slightly righteous caricatures perhaps, but it’s all about the belief in bringing down the unjust society around them… whilst having fun. A beer run to Wyoming is hysterical, but it’s the more serious bits that help drive this. Stevo’s battles with his father about him going to Harvard. His inability to cope seeing friends struggling on the streets. Questioning his life philosophies. His basic unraveling. Lillard for all the goofiness, does this rather well. It’s a bit thin on the true punk ethic if you ask me, but it’s interesting and very entertaining. There is a sequel, but I’m not sure why. Machine Gun Kelly is in it, that’s probably a good reason to avoid it. I enjoyed this though.



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