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  • Gareth Crook

Piggy (2022) - 6/10

I’ve been embracing a spot of horror of late. I’m bad with gore, but do love a good thriller. It’s got to have some purpose though. Piggy has purpose. Based on director Carlota Pereda’s short film of the same name. She fleshes the story out here for her debut feature. Sara (Laura Galán) works in the family butchers in a small Spanish village. A village where she’s terrorised by other kids  for being overweight. They call her Piggy. After a horrific episode at the public pool, things change for Sara. She indirectly tastes a small hint of revenge that rocks her world. Galán is brilliant. In fact almost everyone is in what’s a slow pot boiling thriller. Sara finds the least likely of allies and wakes this sleepy summer suburb from its slumber. Caught in a lie that’s destined to catch up with her in ways too dark to imagine. Piggy bides its time, but it is savagely wild. Brutal and startling… with a bewildering amount of gore that might appease horror fans, but the psychology behind this is much more intriguing.



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