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  • Gareth Crook

Marriage Story (2019)

I’ve always found both Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver kinda cold and there are parts of Marriage Story that feel like that. They play two people working successfully in the theatre. A couple, the lead and the director, a team, but one that’s lost it’s way. it’s a complicated relationship, that she’s wants out of, he doesn’t and neither does her mother, sister, theatre company, because they don’t see what she sees. They only see the brilliant charismatic director, his muse and their happy family. 8 year old Henry is caught in the middle, except he’s not really. Despite going through a divorce they still like each other, respect each other, want to make it amicable, but their lives around them are what causes the complications, namely lawyers. What is it with Americans and lawyers? Anyway, neither Johansson or Driver are cold here, the world around them is, caricatured even, infectious negativity, but they are the warm, sincere, beating heart of this really sad film. It’s heartbreaking and painful to watch as they try to navigate their way through this difficult time and frustrating that they don’t help themselves, despite seeming more than capable. Life is messy and this is a touching portrayal with two magnificent performances at its core.



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