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  • Gareth Crook

Knives Out (2019)

Who doesn’t love a whodunnit? Especially a really good one. Knives Out has all the hallmarks right from the outset. Police interviewing individuals in the huge country house, where a suspicious death took place. Said individuals all clearly needling one another and all with motives, plus one seemingly innocent bystander. This breaks with tradition pretty fast though, divulging the killer, the circumstance, the whole damn thing... or does it? It certainly leaves you thinking, where exactly is this going? Daniel Craig feels like the lynchpin, playing the gentlemanly PD with the southern accent (American, not British), but this ensemble cast really does pull its weight and it’s this cast that helps with the slightly unconventional twists and turns that follow. Suspects thought innocent, repulsive heirs in shady manipulations, red herrings and theories played out onscreen, not quite to Tim Curry levels of genius, but still a lot of fun.



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