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  • Gareth Crook

Inferno (1980)

Inferno is a much more stylish film than other Argento films I’ve seen. When I say stylish, I mean hyper-stylish. Controlled. Art house. That’s fine, but seems to like a bit of soul. There’s still the familiar Argento horror elements, but there’s also a good dose of Lynchian surrealism. The mix of avant garde, gloss red blood and varying music styles does seem to jar and all this distracts, perhaps mercifully from a less engaging plot. It does look beautiful though, especially in the darker scenes bathed in blues and reds. The music isn’t as exciting though, gone by large are the synths and electro beats, swapped with atonal pianos and luscious strings, it feels a little more expected and on the whole everything feels more staged, more creepy than thrilling. The big finale is fun, but by then I’ve lost interest.



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