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  • Gareth Crook

Fire of Love (2022) - 8/10

Volcanos are fascinating aren’t they. Something about things coming up from the depths of the earth. Katia and Maurice Krafft certainly thought so. They are scientists, the outdoor type out in the field exploring in all weather, thankfully with a crew that have cameras to capture the adventures. This is all archive footage. Some very loose, telling the story of the people and some beautifully shot telling the story of the volcanos they study. It’s all pulled together with some narration from Miranda July, who certainly adds a romantic hue, but it doesn’t feel contrived. Along with snippets of tactile animation, the score and foley work is lovely… and funny, cue Maurice testing Katia’s super sci-fi helmet with a rock. There’s a lot to love here. Their personalities. The honesty of the footage and how it’s cut and of course, the lava flows and eruptions. “It’s so grandiose”. It certainly is. It’s exciting. Informative. Dangerous. Entertaining and very quotable, “Curiosity is stronger than fear”, “The length of the fuse is never known”. You get a clear sense that this is the documentary they would’ve made themselves, if they’d had the chance. They’re daredevils, well Maurice certainly is. Thinking nothing of taking a dingy out on a lake of concentrated acid. Katia a little less so, but still, this is a dangerous occupation. There’s a purity to Fire of Love. A documentary with no agenda. Magnificent.



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