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  • Gareth Crook

Enter the Anime (2019)

Netflix recommend stuff all the time, their algorithm seems flawed though as I rarely have any interest in watching anything they suggest. So I was quite surprised and intrigued when ‘Enter the Anime’ popped up. True I’m not really into anime, but I can certainly appreciate the art and a documentary, well that’s me all over. This though is far from perfect, mostly because the filmmaker/narrator Alex Buranova is bloody annoying, as are all the Americans in this, obnoxiously so. It starts with Alex saying she’s a newby, great I thought, this could be an interesting journey, but my god it’s shockingly bad self serving bollocks. It’s full of split screen, Instagram filtered jump cuts and glitches of hipsters talking about themselves. Even the stuff with Japanese creators is laborious, dull and uninspiring. For all the pace and false energy on screen, it’s monstrously boring. Most of it doesn’t even feel that relevant, with a lot of time taken up looking at Japanese culture... without really digging that deep. That sums it up, shallow. It’s got as much depth as a Channel 5 documentary and is almost as badly produced, there’s even duplicate shots! A short 3 minute section toward the end attempts to show some process, but it’s laughable, barely explaining even the rudimentary basics. Buranova pitches this as two things, a quest to understand anime, which it fails to do and laughably to be a better filmmaker, which I hope she manages before Netflix give her another budget to waste. I’m going to stop trusting Netflix and stick with my gut... I know best.



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