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  • Gareth Crook

Carrie (1976)

This might be controversial, but I’m really not sure this stands up all that well. Sure it’s a horror classic and it does leave an impression, it certainly did when I watched it in my teens. Now though it felt a little flat. Granted it starts with a punch. I’d forgotten how intense that first scene in the shower is, with its rip off Psycho audio stabs and the first look at Spacek’s piercing stare. From there though it fells like a slow plod waiting game for that bucket of blood. Sissy Spacek is great as the outsider Carrie. Terrorised by her religious nut mother and vile classmates. It’s pretty base stuff though. Bullied for being a bit different, pushed to the limits and to the beyond. If it weren’t for the telekinesis we’d have no fun a all... how many times I’ve said that! Sure there’s some fun to be had in watching nearly 50 years on, chuckling at the hair, the flares, the tuxes at the prom, but it’s all a bit cheesy and schlocky. Like a daytime TV show cut with some B-Movie horror. I’m being harsh I know. I do like it. It is fun. It’s classic revenge stuff as Carries goes postal on the entire cast, bad guys and good and ‘that’ scene is gripping, with its slow repeating shots delaying the inevitable and building to its dress ruining crescendo. Maybe it’s one of those films that just doesn’t pack the punch after it’s first viewing.



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