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  • Gareth Crook

Carol (2015)

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

The production design on this is beautiful. Even in its less glamorous scenes, it oozes 50s American charm. It's a fake world and a perfect setting for this story, an exercise in social control bristling with tense expectation and makes for a perfect setting for this love story. It's almost dreamlike, both Blanchett and Mara effortlessly floating from scene to scene. Mara, innocent, playful. Blanchett, cold, mysterious. Dialogue delivered calmly, the camera allowed to linger and drift. Music poignant, haunting. It's not all plain sailing of course, far from it, but the ups and downs are timed perfectly, the editor (Affonso Gonçalves) doing his work perfectly. In fact the pacing of the whole thing is pretty amazing. It's very much a film of twos. Two people, two worlds, light and dark. Fantastic!



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