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  • Gareth Crook

Booksmart (2019)

I fancied a laugh, god knows we need it in the current climate. I can be a bit hit and miss with comedy though, I shy away from the cringey stuff, favouring the satirical and quirky. This falls firmly in the cringe category, but hey give it a go right? Amy and Molly are high school over achievers, who on the eve of graduation decide they’ve dedicated too much time to academic pursuits and set out to make up for lost time with one crazy night of partying. Of course it doesn’t go to plan... or does it. It’s pretty predictable and obvious where they’re headed (or not headed) as they traverse the ridiculous cast of some of the most irritating characters I’ve seen on screen. For some unfathomable reason though, I liked it. I’m really not sure why, maybe because of Dever and Feldstein in the leads, who although still farcical caricatures, are entertaining. Or maybe it’s just because they’re not as annoying as everyone else.

Their goal is simple, get to the cool kids party. Getting there though is anything but. It’s overblown batshit bonkers, the plot having all the subtlety of being written on a brick and bazooka’d into your face. A night of discovery, self realisation and all those other American teen movie tropes. I’ll forgive it for the inclusion of LCD Soundsystem on the soundtrack though and the animated doll sequence did make me laugh, but that was about it. It’s not great, it’s certainly not smart, but it is fun.



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