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  • Gareth Crook

A Barn A Brotherhood A Barn (2022) - 7/10

Well this is just a lovely way to spend an hour. I like Neil Young, but not a huge fan. I’ve listen to a lot, but not all of his sprawling catalogue. This film covers the live recording of his latest. Barn. It’s very top line, a very simple fly on the wall experience, coupled with some gorgeous timelapse footage and the odd conversational interlude. Sure essentially it’s just four old white guys playing country flecked blues in a barn, but that music is beautiful and poetic. It’s hard not to marvel at the aura of the place, Neil’s calm, the ease of the space. You can smell the beams of wood, feel the rugs under your feet, sense the vast open beauty that surrounds them. It’s natural, with an honest spirit and the tunes aren’t half bad either. If you want to be cynical, what we see doesn’t always match what we’re hearing, despite the seeming simplicity, there’s a lot of editing going on but allow some creative license and this is really enjoyable. A relaxing toe-tapping 75 minutes.



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